Jan 22

Skevik Skis: A company (that makes skis.)

Over the years, Vernon BC has gained a reputation for churning out world-class shredders like Josh Bibby, Riley Leboe and Chad Sayers. Now, there’s a different type of world-class coming out of theĀ  Okanagan mountain town - in the form of skis. Skevik is the brainchild of brothers Gregg and Glenn Anderson. Speaking of brainchildren, Gregg has a degree in Computer Science and Glenn is an Engineer so you can be sure they’re not just some pot-smoking hippies slapping skis together. No, they’re pot-smoking nerds creating some of the finest handcrafted boards around in their boutique shop in downtown Vernon. Their line consist of three models (The “Anton” pictured) and they collaborate with a variety of artists/designers so you can choose a topsheet that suits your fancy. People who use them swear by them and say they’re like super-charged versions of competitors’ offerings. If you’re in their neck of the woods, drop them a line to hook up a demo pair or dive in headfirst and order a pair from their website. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and for the record Gregg and Glenn don’t do pot. Just cocaine.