Jan 22

Skevik Skis: A company (that makes skis.)

Over the years, Vernon BC has gained a reputation for churning out world-class shredders like Josh Bibby, Riley Leboe and Chad Sayers. Now, there’s a different type of world-class coming out of theĀ  Okanagan mountain town - in the form of skis. Skevik is the brainchild of brothers Gregg and Glenn Anderson. Speaking of brainchildren, Gregg has a degree in Computer Science and Glenn is an Engineer so you can be sure they’re not just some pot-smoking hippies slapping skis together. No, they’re pot-smoking nerds creating some of the finest handcrafted boards around in their boutique shop in downtown Vernon. Their line consist of three models (The “Anton” pictured) and they collaborate with a variety of artists/designers so you can choose a topsheet that suits your fancy. People who use them swear by them and say they’re like super-charged versions of competitors’ offerings. If you’re in their neck of the woods, drop them a line to hook up a demo pair or dive in headfirst and order a pair from their website. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and for the record Gregg and Glenn don’t do pot. Just cocaine.


Apr 13

This winter I had the opportunity to do a graphic for my friends at Skevik. They make insanely nice handmade skis in Vernon, BC. Anywho, I’m super pumped how they turned out. This gif is just a little tease — the pics don’t really do the matte finish justice, but I’ll be posting some detailed shots soon. Big thanks to the boys at Skevik for hooking it up, as well as Bruce Giovando - and Todd Takahashi - for design/art direction help along the way.

If you want a pair, hit up and ask for THE WKND graphic.